Help for families | Help for families | Oldham Council

Help to heat your home

Help to reduce energy bills and stay warm in winter.

Household Support Fund

Help for vulnerable people and families to get warm clothing and bedding, support if your struggling but aren't eligible for benefits, essential items for the elderly including food and fuel payments.

Free school meals

If you are on a low income or claiming benefits you may be entitled to free school meals.

Food vouchers

Food vouchers are available for  for families of children eligible for means-tested Free School Meals during the Christmas holiday 2022, February half-term holiday 2023, and Easter holiday 2023.

Holiday activities and food programme

The Holiday Activities and Food Programme is a programme of funded activities during the school holidays:

Oldham Foodbank

Emergency food for local people in crisis.

Local Welfare Provision

You may be eligible for Local Welfare Provision to help you meet short-term emergency or immediate support needs or establish or maintain a home in the community.

School Uniform

Many schools across Oldham are running schemes to help and support with equipping your child with a school uniform.

Warm Banks

We have a number of Warm Banks available across our local libraries and community centres that you can visit to keep warm at no cost.

Children and family benefits

If your in or out of work there may be benefits you can claim to help support your family and cover child care costs.