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The Household Support Fund is a grant provided by the Department for Work & Pensions and will be used to help vulnerable people and families.  

Here is the support we are providing:

If you are eligible you will get: 

  • Food vouchers for children and young people. £15 per week for the October, February and Easter holidays and total payment of £20 per week per eligible child over the Christmas holiday.
  • Additional food vouchers to complement the Holiday Activity Fund
  • Additional support for the Local Welfare Provision Scheme

The Household Support Fund also provides fuel vouchers for those in emergency need and the provision of a boiler repair/replacement service.

Contact our Warm Homes Team to apply for this help:

We are working with Action Together and other voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise partners to provide support in the following areas:

  • warm clothing and bedding
  • support for those who are struggling but aren't eligible for benefits 
  • essential items for the elderly including food
  • additional funding for Age UK to support older people with fuel payments.

Further information on this offer can be found at:

We can help

This is a tough time for many in Oldham.

The rising cost of basic goods, including food and bills, aren't problems you have to face alone.

Oldham partners are working together to offer residents and families a little more help.

If it’s an emergency, contact our Helpline on 0161 770 7007 (9am – 5pm on weekdays).