3. Timescales

The following table sets out indicative timescales for the various stages of Community Asset Transfer.  

For practical and operational reasons, if a community group does not achieve the timelines set out then the proposed asset transfer could be placed at risk..  

Community Asset Transfer Timeline

Timescales Key Actions (group) Activities by Council Outcomes
Within 1 month Initial enquiry / expression of interest

Check information on the asset and advise whether it is surplus to our operational requirements.

If yes, provide such information as appropriate. For example annual running costs, statutory servicing regime and cost, a condition survey where available.

If no, then advise the enquirer accordingly.

To advise if an asset is surplus and if so provide where appropriate such information to enable the enquirer / voluntary and community sector organisation to prepare a business plan.
Within 3 - 6 months Receipt of an application for community asset transfer Score the application against the assessment matrix and report to the next available meeting of the Community Horizons and Asset Transfer Steering Group.

An outline of the business plan will be expected to be in place at this stage. If approved at Community Horizons and Asset Transfer Steering Group, then the applicant / voluntary and community sector organisation is to proceed to a form of agreement as outlined within their application.

If not approved the applicant will be advised in accordance with the Council’s Community Asset Transfer Policy.

Within 6 - 12 months Where an application is approved, the applicant / voluntary and community sector organisation is to proceed to completion of the proposed form of agreement as soon as possible. Seek approval to proceed in accordance with the Council’s land and property protocols and instruct Legal Services to proceed.     Form of agreement is completed and the asset is transferred along with such responsibilities as appropriate to the nature of the agreement.
Post 12 months Delivery of community benefit as per the business plan. Monitor progress Failure to deliver the agreed business objectives / community benefits will place the asset transfer at risk.