2. Applying to transfer a Council land / property

Initial Enquiries

The Unity Partnership manages our property assets and details of any land or building that may be available for community asset transfer will be advertised on the company’s website.

You may also make a direct enquiry about the availability of a particular asset you are interested in by sending an email to our Estates team.

Please note that some of our assets are held for other purposes for example investment in order to generate an income to support council services and hence may not be available.

It is also important to note that an asset has to be declared surplus to our  operational requirements and hence available for potential community asset transfer.

We can discuss the various options and which might be most suitable for you depending on your circumstances and current status.

Make an application

If you wish to apply to transfer a council community asset then please use the Community Asset Transfer application form:

Community Asset Transfer application form

Available help

In addition to the support provided by us, Action Together can also offer advice, training and support to groups who are or wish to become involved in community asset transfer.

For a full understanding of what they can offer you can visit their website.

Prior to entering into a lease or licence, we recommend that organisations obtain their own independent professional and or legal advice. The following websites may be of assistance in achieving this.

How we score applications