Please note that in-year transfers will take 15 school days from the date we receive a completed application, including any relevant supplementary information.

Do not contact us for an update on any transfer submitted, until you reach the 15 school day point. Thank you for your cooperation.

Changing schools at any other time of the year

This page should be used when making an in-year transfer application for your child.

All applications for in-year transfers should be made through our online form which can be found further down the page.

You can find out more information about the in-year transfer process in our

It isn’t possible to consider applications that are made outside 30 school days of the intended start date.

Application process

Parents must now use our online application form to make an in-year transfer application for their child.

If you are moving into Oldham from another local authority, you must also ensure that the supplementary form is completed.

If you are applying for a Roman Catholic school, please see individual school details for additional information requested.  

An application will not be considered more than 30 school days in advance of the intended start date.

Schools that do their own in-year transfers

If you are transferring your child to one of the following schools, please contact the school directly to apply for an in-year transfer.

Primary Secondary
Corpus Christi School Co-op Failsworth Academy
EC St George’s School E-act Royton and Crompton Academy
EC St James School Hathershaw College
Firbank Primary School Newman College
Greenacres Primary Academy  North Chadderton
Hollinwood Academy The Radclyffe
Holy Cross School  
Holy Rosary School  
Mayfield School  
St Annes RC Greenacres School  
St Martin's School  
St Mary’s High Crompton  
St Patrick’s R C School  
St Thomas Leesfield School  
St Thomas Moorside School  
Thorp Primary School  
Willow Park Academy  
Woodlands Academy  

Transferring from another school

It is the same process for transferring from any school in Oldham or outside the borough, this includes independent schools.

Supplementary form

Please note, a supplementary form must be completed by the child's current or previous school before an application can be processed. In-year transfer supplementary form

This form should be submitted alongside your application. The simplest way of doing this is to upload the form during the application process. Failure to return this form will cause delay to your application.

If it isn’t possible to have the form completed before you make your application, you can send it to the school admissions team by email or post after the application has been made. Details of where to send it to can be found at the top of the form.

Make an application

Transferring from outside the UK

Please note, the child must have a confirmed arrival date to the UK and be available to start school at the start of the next term, before an application can be considered.

Please complete the online application if you are a new arrival to the country and want to apply for a school place. Please ensure all new arrival details are completed. 

Incorrect or missing information will cause a delay in your application:

Make an application



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