2. Over-subscription criteria

Each school has a set number of places in each year group called the Planned Admission Number (PAN).

And every school has an admissions policy which includes oversubscription criteria that are used to identify which children to offer places to when a school receives more requests than there are places available.

(School places are not allocated on a first come, first served basis).

Over-subscription criteria at Community Schools

In a Community School the admission policy is determined by Oldham Council.

The only Community Secondary School in Oldham is Saddleworth School.

Primary Over-subscription criteria at Community and Voluntary Controlled schools

Over-subscription criteria at all other schools

In voluntary aided, foundation, trust and academy schools, the school’s governing body determines the admissions policy and oversubscription criteria.

The admissions policies (including over-subscription criteria) are available on the individual pages for each school: