Council Tax Levels and Budget Information | What does Council Tax pay for? | Oldham Council

2. Council Tax Levels and Budget Information

The main sources of income that support the Council’s net revenue expenditure budget are:

  • Council Tax (including the Adult Social Care Precept)
  • Business Rates
  • Central Government Grants

The following tables and information show:

  • Council Tax levels for 2023/24 compared to 2022/23
  • Gross Income and Expenditure levels
  • How the Council’s budget has changed compared to 2022/23
  • A summary showing where money is spent and where the funding comes from

Council Tax Levels 

The Council Tax payable for 2023/24 for Band D properties is presented below. It is split into separate elements and includes a comparison against 2022/23 charges, where appropriate.

Council Tax Element

Band D Council Tax

Band D Council Tax



  £ £ £ %
Oldham Council – General Purposes 1,573.25 1,608.90 35.65  1.99
Adult Social Care Precept 218.43 254.26 35.83  2.00
Council Tax for Council Services 1,791.68 1,863.16 71.48 3.99
Mayoral Police and Crime Commissioner Precept 228.30 243.30 15.00 6.57
Mayoral General Precept (including Fire Services)  102.95 107.95 5.00 4.86
TOTAL BAND D COUNCIL TAX 2,122.93 2,214.41 91.48 4.31
Saddleworth Parish Council  24.31 25.50 1.19 4.90
Shaw and Crompton Parish Council 17.89 17.89 0.00 0.00

The Council was required to calculate its Relevant Basic Amount of Council Tax to determine whether it needed to hold a Council Tax referendum for 2023/24. A referendum would have been required if there had been an increase in Council Tax above the level Central Government considered to be excessive.

This “excessiveness” is determined annually but for 2023/24 for Oldham was set at a 5% increase above the respective Council Tax for the previous year, comprising a maximum of 2% for Adult Social Care and 3% for general purposes. The increase of 3.99% shown in the table above was not therefore classed as excessive and did not trigger a referendum.

The amounts shown for Saddleworth and Shaw and Crompton Parish Councils are only payable by residents living in those Parish areas.