4. Funding

16-19 bursary

If you are a looked after child or a care leaver you will be entitled to the 16-19 bursary whilst you are leaning which means that you will receive some money to help you out. 

This money will usually be paid on a weekly or termly basis by your college or training provider and it is linked to good attendance. In total the bursary can be anything up to £1,200 over a full year. 

Learner support

If you are 19 plus you may be able to apply to the discretionary learner support fund:

The Oldham College Bursary

The Oldham College Bursary are government funds which are available to provide eligible students help towards course-related expenses such as travel, course related trips, books, equipment, free meals and childcare.

The After Care Team

The After Care Team may be able to help out with money for essential items that are needed for your programme of study.

If you would like to study at university, there is further support available. You can apply for financial support from Student Finance but with your cooperation we will also assess your situation and provide additional financial support if needed (dependent on means testing).    

To contact the After Care Team:


Your personal advisor is always available for advice and support and can be contacted via: