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Firstly, when you make the transition from living in care to becoming a care leaver, we will assign you a Personal Advisor (PA).

Your PA will continue to help you prepare to live independently and will work with you to review and develop your Pathway Plan, so you can agree what support you need from who and when.

We will ensure that you’re heard and involved in decisions (more information below).

As well as our support, there’s a number of other services available to you, as well as the Children in Care Council who act as an independent voice for all care leavers within the borough and who perform great work outside of the area.

Oldham Council will support and encourage you to stay in care until you are 18 years old and will make sure you are fully informed of the fact and options if you choose to leave.

Your Personal Advisor will help you secure suitable accommodation or the option of staying with your foster carers until you are 21 years old. They will also help you with housing support, if needed and to access education, training and employment, which includes financial support if you want to go to university.

There is an independent Advocacy service that you can contact if you want help and support in getting your point of view across. Advocates can provide support during meetings, or when decisions are made about you that you may not agree with.  

You can contact Cuffe and Lacey on:

Alternatively, you can ask you PA to put you in contact with the Advocacy service.