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4. Street naming and house numbering

Small development or single new property 

Generally, a small development, a single new property or a property(s) converted into a dwelling(s) will be named or numbered to the existing street.  

New or converted property(s) within a street with existing numbering will be assigned a,b, and c alongside the appropriate postal number.

A development creating an extension to a street will adopt the continuation of sequential numbering.  

In the absence of an existing numbering sequence, a house name will be required.

To apply for street numbering, please email your request, along with a location plan of the property(s) concerned highlighted in red and suggested numbering to the Building Control Team:

The Royal Mail Address Management Centre is consulted over the proposed numbering scheme.  

The Council will subsequently inform the developer/owner and a correct postal address will be supplied. 

House and building names

House and building names should not be the same or similar to any other in the immediate locality.

The Council has no objection to a house name being added to an existing postal address, but the postal number cannot be deleted from that address. 

House names alone are not favoured by the Council or the emergency services as a number readily identifies the location of a property in a road.  

Other than in exceptional circumstances a house number should be prominently displayed so as to be easily read from the public highway. 

Unless the house name is the fundamental part of the postal address the Royal Mail keeps house names in their 'alias' file.


Oldham Council is not responsible for issuing new postcodes.

This is the responsibility of Royal Mail.

However, they will not issue a postcode for a new street unless requested to do so by the Council. 

Queries about postcodes can be dealt with by the Royal Mail by contacting them on their postcode enquiry line 08456 04 50 60.

If you have delivery problems telephone the Royal Mail’s Customer Service Centre 0845 7740 740.

Satellite Navigation Plotting Queries

Oldham Council and Royal Mail are not responsible for incorrect satellite navigation plotting issues.  

Please email your enquiries:

Renaming or renumbering buildings

Renaming or renumbering existing buildings is normally only considered when changes occur which give rise (or are likely to give rise) to problems for the occupiers, Royal Mail or Emergency Services etc.

Requests to apply for a change of address will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will incur an administration fee to cover the costs of consultation, correspondence and investigation of the current addressing issues.

Large Development

Larger developments often require new street names which must be agreed upon prior to street numbers being requested.  

If this is the case, a written request must be emailed in the first instance to the Highways Team:

Highways will notify the developer of the agreed street name after which, the proposed street naming and numbering details are sent to the Royal Mail Address Management Centre for postal address allocation.  

Generally, the street numbers will only be issued when it is clear that the layout of the properties (or a section of) has been finalised, e.g. when the foundations have been installed, thus avoiding the obvious problems incurred by amendments to house types and/or positions etc.

The Council will notify organisations (i.e. emergency services, utility companies, land registry, Ordnance Survey) of the new development accordingly.

The developer is also responsible for the initial provision of street nameplates for the site.


Street naming and numbering fees for 2024/25

Street naming



Renaming of existing street


£250 + £10 per property + legal costs + costs to amend any traffic orders

Numbering and naming of new properties


£38 per property plus £100 administration fee

Add a property name to, or renumber, an existing property


£38 per property + £100 administration fee

Changing (renumbering or renaming) an existing address  £233.90