Jogging or running is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to get fit. It can be done almost anywhere, at any time and with barely any equipment - just comfortable clothes, a good pair of trainers and water to keep you hydrated.

Is it for me?

Jogging or running is perfect for anyone. You can run alone, with a friend or join a running club. You don't need to enter a race to enjoy jogging, it's a chance to listen to some music and enjoy some 'me' time.

Running regularly will improve the health of your heart and lungs. It can also help you lose weight, especially if combined with a healthy diet.  It can also be a great stress reliever and has been shown to combat depression.

If you are a beginner there is lots of help out there to get you started from the Couch to 5k app to beginners running groups.

Where can I run?

Local running groups


There’s a range of apps to help you get started running: