Co-operative campaigns

As a co-operative council Oldham campaigns on the issues that matter to local residents. This means acting on issues which are not traditionally council services but that will make a real difference to the people of the borough. 

Get Oldham Working

We know that employment and skills are vital to the borough’s future As a result we’ve committed to creating 2,015 employment opportunities by 2015.

We will achieve this by:

  • Working with partners and local businesses to encourage them to Invest in Oldham and create work-related opportunities either jobs, apprenticeships, training or mentoring
  • Underpinned by a £1m donation, we are creating a youth guarantee so that by 2015 every child leaving school will have an opportunity to progress to further education, employment, training or apprenticeship.
  • Focus on developing new ways to support enterprise and increase the number of business start-ups in Oldham
  • Increasing the number of young people considering self-employment as an alternative option
  • Using successful local business people to develop ways to encourage enterprise and supporting local businesses (both existing and new)
  • Supporting job seekers to find work and get the skills required to get the jobs that are available 

Find out more about Get Oldham Working:

Fair Credit

We know that some people in Oldham have issues accessing credit or paying off debt they already have.

Oldham Council is encouraging residents to sign up to the Oldham Credit Union (a community-based business, owned and run by local people) which offers residents access to fair and straightforward financial services, including secure savings and affordable loans.

We are also investigating alternative credit opportunities for local people to help them avoid using expensive payday loan companies or high interest stores.

Strategy, Partnerships and Policy team

For more information about Co-operative Oldham contact the Strategy, Partnerships and Policy Team.