Co-operative Oldham

Our ambition for Oldham is to deliver a co-operative future where everyone does their bit to create a confident and ambitious borough.

In Oldham, working co-operatively can mean many different things. It’s not just about delivering services through co-operatives or mutuals, it’s about working in a way which helps to empower residents to take greater control of their own lives but also gets the maximum benefit from the resources that are available to the community and public sector.

It also encompasses a much broader range of approaches that reflect the values and ethos of co-operatives working. This means working in ways which are ethical, fair and deliver good social value as well as value-for-money. It also means giving residents the opportunity to work in collaboration with us to design and even help deliver services. 

We celebrated five years of being a co-operative council and co-operative borough through our Your Oldham Festival, held in September. The week-long event promoted the fantastic co-operative working taking place in Oldham showing how people and organisations are doing their bit. 



If you’d like to know more about our co-operative approach please email: