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Further information

Planning constraints are issues that a Planning Officer takes into account when considering an application.

Article 3/4 Directions in conservation areas

Article 3/4 Directions are issued by the Council where specific control over development is required in conservation areas (primarily where the character of an area of acknowledged importance would be threatened).

Directions are usually applied over an area rather than an individual property and are registered as a Local Land Charge.

Flood risk

The Council has to consult the Environment Agency on applications that are in areas at risk from flooding.

Find out if a property as at risk of flooding on the Environment Agency website:

  • Flood - Environment Agency website

Contaminated land

The Council’s Pollution Control team are responsible for commenting on planning applications related to contaminated land or a landfill site.

Tree Preservation Orders

Conservation Areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Areas of special architectural or historic interest are identified so the Council can protect and (where possible) improve upon their special qualities.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is an area of countryside with significant landscape value that has been specially designated by Natural England.

Listed buildings

Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest are listed by English Heritage.

The listing of a building provides statutory protection against alteration or demolition which would damage its special architectural or historical interest.