Areas of special architectural or historic interest are identified so the Council can protect and (where possible) improve upon their special qualities.

  • Development is controlled so that it preserves or enhances the character or appearance of the area
  • Demolition of buildings is controlled (whether listed or not)
  • Trees are protected (see Protected trees)

Find a Conservation Area

View details of the borough's Conservation Areas on the adopted Local Plan Proposals map:

Doing work in a Conservation area

Designation does not preclude new development or alterations to existing buildings but the Council does have a duty to ensure that any new development enhances or does not harm the character or appearance of the area (this means there may be extra planning controls in place).

You must contact Planning Services before starting work in a Conservation area.

Character appraisals

Character appraisals analyse the qualities of conservation areas that make up its unique character and promote understanding of the special character of the area.

Contact Planning Services for the Oldham Town Centre character appraisal.