Who should register?

You should register if you are:

  • Starting a new food business
  • Taking over a food business

When should you register?

You must register at least 28 days before opening, or taking over the food business.

Register now

Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge but you must complete and return the registration form to notify the Food Safety Team that you intend to operate a food business within Oldham Council boundaries.

What food business owners need to know

You must have a Food Safety Management System

You must have procedures to help ensure food produced/handled in your business is safe to eat.

The procedures must be documented and you need to keep up-to-date records relating to your procedures.

See Safe Food, Better Business for tips on setting up a Food Safety Management System.

You must have trade waste arrangements

Collection can only be carried out by a person legally authorised to do so.

If you produce waste oil as part of your food business, then you must ensure that it is stored properly and that it is collected by an authorised collector who will dispose/recycle your oil legally.

You may need planning permission

If you are changing the use of a premises or making alterations you may need planning permission (Contact Planning for advice).