8. What about time off work to be a governor?

Many employers encourage staff to become school governors. They realise that the skills gained from being a governor are transferable to the workplace. Try asking!  As this is a public duty, you are entitled to reasonable time off, although not necessarily with pay.  To be a conscientious governor you will need to attend all the meetings of the full governing board, some committee meetings, visit the school sometimes while it is open and go to some training sessions.
School governors have a legal right to reasonable unpaid leave from their employers.

The benefits of becoming a governor include
• A chance to develop skills in a strategic management role
• The opportunity to work with a team of governors and staff in improving Schools
• Training to develop an understanding of specific school management issues
• A sense of achievement in making a difference to the school
• The pleasure of helping children and young people reach their potential

Some governors have commented on the value of their personal development and advancement through volunteering for the role of a governor (which also can be seen as a strategic manager) and how this has helped them with progression in work and other aspects of their life.

Please check out the government webpage on Time off work for public duties