3. Things to do before making a report

Being on good terms with our neighbours or a local business is something most of us value and it is important to keep those good relationships going.

In the first instance we would like you to talk to the person or business that is causing the noise.

Our experience shows that often the person causing the noise is not aware of the impact it is having on others. Sometimes, talking to them is all it takes to solve the problem.

If this is done early on it can stop the problem form growing in to a bigger issue.

Tips for having an initial conversation

  • Be polite and don’t interrupt when talking. Be clear about the problem and how the noise is affecting you.
  • Be reasonable and empathetic – perhaps they didn’t realise or just need some support.
  • Be safe and pick a suitable time for a discussion – if late at night, perhaps wait until tomorrow.
  • Most importantly, be calm and considerate. This may prevent tension or unnecessary disagreements.

Write a letter

If you do not feel comfortable speaking to your neighbour we suggest you send a note or letter to the resident or business, explaining what you can hear and how it’s affecting you.

For ideas, have a look at our letter templates:

These template letters are only to be used as guidance. Copies of any notes or letters you send should be kept. Please allow time for the neighbour or business to consider your request as the problem may resolve itself.