2. Alarms

All audible security alarms within a building should have cut off devices installed which silences the alarm after it has been sounding for 20 minutes.  

It is advisable that house key holders’ names and contact details should be supplied to the Council so they can be contacted to isolate the alarm if it activated when the owners are away from the property.

If a keyholder for the premises cannot be found, Environmental Health officers can serve a notice requiring the alarm to be silenced and repaired.  If necessary a warrant can be obtained from the Magistrates court to enter a premises with a locksmith and alarm engineer to rectify a fault and reset the alarm.  

Any reasonable costs incurred by the Council can then be reclaimed from the person responsible for the property.

Join the alarm database

If you would like to be included in the Councils alarm database for keyholders please complete the registration form.

All details will be kept strictly confidential.

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