6. Civil partnerships

While the laws were changed to allow same sex marriages in 2014, same sex couples can still choose to engage in a civil partnership.

To qualify, both partners must be 18 years old, or over 16 years old with parental consent. They must be of the same sex and not already be married or in partnership. The partners cannot be related to each other in a way.

Choose and book a venue

If you are intending to make the partnership part of a ceremony, we recommend you first choose a venue.

Why not check out the wonderful Chadderton Town Hall.

Giving notice

To have a civil partnership you must also give notice.

To do so, book and appointment at Oldham Register Office at least 29 days beforehand.

You can give notice up to 12 months in advance. A fee of £35 is payable to cover the cost of publicising the notice.

Civil Partnership Conversions

Those in an existing civil partnership who wish to convert their partnership to a marriage can do so.

This is an administrative process but couples can choose to add a ceremony if they wish.

A civil partnership conversion can be booked at any register office regardless of where a couple live or where the civil partnership originally took place.

Evidence of name, age, address and a civil partnership certificate will be required at the appointment.

You can complete the process in one appointment providing both parties attend with the correct documents or you can choose to provide the documentation at one venue and sign the declaration at another venue or on a different date if you wish to have a ceremony as well as the legal process.

There is a fee of £45 to cover this service.

For advice, please call us on 0161 770 8960