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6. Eligibility and special circumstances

In some circumstances, you may require additional permissions to get married. If you fall within any of the circumstances below please read the information below carefully.

Foreign nationals without the right to live in the UK

If you are a foreign national without the right to live in the UK and do not have settled status in the UK, a marriage or civil partnership visa or evidence of immigration status, your application to get married has to, by law, be referred to the Home Office Immigration team for further investigation.

It can take between 28 days and 70 days for cases to be considered so please apply in advance.

If either partner is a foreign national from outside the EEA you will need to give notice at Manchester Register Office. You can call them on 0161 234 5005.

For advice, please call us on 0161 770 8960.

We advise you to read the guide to getting married in the UK published by the UK Border Agency:

Weddings outside Oldham

Planning to get married outside Oldham either in the UK or overseas? You may still be able to give notice by booking an appointment with us.

For advice, please call us on 0161 770 8960.

Emergency arrangements

On occasions, people wish to get married at very short notice, whether as a result of illness or other special circumstances.

If you feel you may qualify for special dispensation for an emergency wedding please call us on 0161 770 8960.

Outside of normal office hours, please call 0161 770 2222.