We are a service that helps neuro-divergent interns, specialising in Autism, aged 16 - 24 learn Digital Media skills. We are based in Manchester and want to be able to reach out to more people about our service.
Special school
Holyoake House, Hanover St, Manchester M4 4AH

Contact phone

0161 410 2040

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16-24 years old

Opening times

Monday to Thursday 10am - 3.30pm, Friday 11am - 2pm


What is DISC?

DISC is the Digital Independent Specialist College, a new and unique opportunity to help young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to move towards working in the creative and digital economy. Based at Holyoake House in the city centre of Manchester, DISC is a creative and digital studio providing supported work-based learning to help talented young people fulfill their potential and their dreams.

Who is it for?

DISC is for young people with SEND aged 16-24 who love creative and digital work and who would thrive in a professional, work-based learning environment, who love learning by doing and making and who want to develop their core skills to help them into the workplace. 

Updated: 22/03/2023
URN: 149248

Ofsted rating

Awaiting the first inspection