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Warm Homes Oldham is an award-winning free service that provides advice, support and energy saving measures to residents who are struggling to pay their energy bills and heat their homes. 

It was set up in 2013 by Oldham Council, NHS Oldham CCG and Oldham Housing Investment Partnership (OHIP). 

What we have achieved

In the last six years, the service has: 

  • Helped 6,788 people stay warm and well in their homes
  • Fitted 7,818 small energy saving measures (draught-proofing, LED light bulbs, reflective radiator foils) free of charge
  • Installed 1,386 boilers and central heating systems free of charge
  • Insulated 877 lofts and walls free of charge
  • Brought in around £4.3 million of external grant funding for energy efficiency measures
  • Secured £812,519 of extra benefits for residents who weren’t claiming what they were entitled to
  • Achieved over £513,000 in total savings to household bills per year
  • Secured £235,467 of trust fund grants to wipe-off fuel debt or pay for boilers and white goods.

What we offer

You can arrange a free home visit with our team who will assess your situation and offer you:

  • Advice on how to reduce energy use around the home and use heating controls effectively
  • Help with switching energy supplier or tariff, claiming the Warm Homes Discount and registering on the Priority Services Register
  • Small energy saving measures (like draught-proofing, LED light bulbs and reflective radiator foils)
  • Oil filled radiators in an emergency no heat situation.

With your permission, we can also refer you to:

Apply for yourself / refer someone forms

To find out more, arrange a free home visit or make a referral please contact Warm Homes Oldham on:

Remember to ask to see an ID badge before letting anyone into your home and, if you have any concerns, please phone us on 0161 770 4798 before letting them in.  

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