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Privacy Notice - Warm Homes Oldham

What this privacy notice is for

Our core data protection obligations and commitments are set out in the council’s primary privacy notice at:

This notice provides additional privacy information for Warm Homes Oldham.

Warm Homes Oldham wishes to ensure, that eligible residents have access to energy efficiency advice and measures that are approved by Ofgem and funded by energy companies. The Warm Homes Oldham scheme is an Ofgem approved scheme delivered by Agility Eco Services Ltd (AgilityEco) and its delivery partners, which is available to eligible residents in Oldham.

It is a free-of-charge service offering energy efficiency advice, support, and free energy-saving measures. If eligible, you are entitled to a free home visit from a LEAP Home Energy Advisor who can: install free, simple energy-saving measures, give day-to-day energy efficiency hints and tips, help check if you are on the cheapest energy tariffs, and in some cases refer you for further energy efficiency improvements such as loft insulation or a new boiler.

If we believe that you meet the criteria and you are agreeable to being contacted by AgilityEco, Oldham Council, we will share your contact information and the reason why we consider you are eligible with AgilityEco Oldham council so they can contact you directly.

Updating our privacy notices

We may update or revise our privacy notices at any time so please refer to the version published on our website for the most up to date details

What we use your information for

We collect your personal information for the following purpose(s):

  • To determine eligibility for funding for Warm Homes Oldham and identify what type of support we can provide through the scheme.
  • Provide advice in relation to lower energy bills and home energy improvements.
  • For statistical analysis to ensure quality of provision and how we have made a difference

What categories of personal information do we use?

Personal information can be anything that identifies and relates to a living person. This can include information that when linked with other information, allows a person to be uniquely identified. For example, this could be your name and contact details.

The law treats some types of personal information as ‘special’ because the information requires more protection due to its sensitivity.

This information consists of:

  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Sexuality and sexual life
  • Religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Trade union membership
  • Political opinions
  • Genetic and biometric data
  • Physical or mental health
  • Criminal convictions and offences

In order to carry out these purposes we collect and obtain the following personal information.

Category of personal data Special/Sensitive
Name, address and contact details (mobile or email) No
Gender No
Health issues including disability/impairment Yes
Date of Birth No
Racial or ethnic origin Yes
Financial information, including benefit data  
Demographic (household composition/ information, employment status) No

Legal basis for processing

The legal basis for processing and or sharing your personal information is:

  • Where we have a legal obligation, or it is either the public or our legitimate interest.
  • Consent to participate in consultation or research.

Examples of legislation that support this are listed below:

  • Warm Homes & Energy Conservation Act 2000
  • The Warm Homes Discount Regulations 2011 (as amended)
  • The Housing Act 2004
  • The Deregulation Act 2015
  • The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012
  • Equality Act 2010
  • The Care Act 2014

If you fail to provide certain information when requested, we may not be able to perform the contract we have entered with you, or we may be prevented from complying with our legal obligations.

Information sharing/recipients

During the visit, AgilityEco Oldham Council will let you know how they will use your information to determine the nature and extent of support you are eligible to receive, who else your information may need to be shared with and the reasons for this as well as explaining how you may exercise your rights under the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

We may share personal information about you with the following organisations/types of organisations to ensure you receive any support that is available to you:

  • Other parts of the Council
  • Healthcare, Social and Welfare organisations
  • Providers of goods and services
  • Service Providers
  • Healthcare professionals

As well as information collected directly from you, we also obtain or receive information from:

  • Service providers of Warm Homes Oldham
  • Referral agencies into the service

Data Transfers beyond European Economic Area

We do not transfer any of your personal information outside the European Economic Area (‘EEA’).

Automated Decisions

All the decisions we make about you involve human intervention.

Our Guide to Exercising Your Rights outlines the procedure to ask us for an automated decision to be reviewed by an appropriate officer. This can be found at

How long do we keep your data?

We will only keep your personal information for as long as the law specifies or where the law does not specify this, for the length of time determined by our business requirements.

The Council will keep your information in case of ongoing enquiries about installs, this will be for up to 6 years unless it is known to be no longer valid.

Where can I get advice?

More information on how to seek advice in order to exercise your rights, raise a concern or complain about the handling of your personal information by the council can be found in the council’s privacy notice: