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In July 2023, new support for people struggling with their mortgages was announced by the Government, as part of their Mortgage Charter.

So if you are worried about your mortgage repayments, you can now call your bank or mortgage lender for help and guidance without this having any impact on your credit score.

Lenders have also agreed to offer borrowers a new rate six months before their fixed deal ends, and the option to move to a new deal with the same lender if a better option is available before the end of their current deal.

You can also switch to interest-only payments for six months or extend your mortgage term to reduce your monthly payments. You will be given the option to revert to your original term within six months by contacting your lender.

You won’t have to worry about losing your home, as you won’t be forced to have your home repossessed within 12 months of your first missed payment – this is now in effect.

Lenders will now be providing information to help customers plan ahead, should your current rate be due to end. 

Tailored support will also be offered by lenders to anyone struggling through their highly trained staff – including options such as a temporary payment deferral or intertest-part repayment.

More information on the new Mortgage Charter can be found on the Government website here: