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Landlord licensing new proposals - consultation

Your opinion counts

The licensing of private rented properties has been happening in certain areas of Oldham since 2015 and has now expired.

This means if you have a Selective Licence this is no longer valid or required.   

The Housing Act 2004 provides the introduction and operation of licensing of private landlords in areas which meets certain requirements. Licensing in Oldham was due to certain areas being in low housing demand. This means rents/house prices are low compared to the rest of Oldham and there is a higher rate of tenant changes. This could have a negative impact on all and can be due to poor management and property standards of some private rented properties.

The aim of Selective Licensing is to improve the management of these properties to ensure they have a positive impact on the area.

A review of the impact of the scheme has been carried out and is available below. 

Due to the results of the review, we think that the introduction of a new licensing of private landlords scheme is needed in certain areas.

To determine whether this is the best approach we want to hear your views. To tell us your views please complete the survey below.  Consultation sessions will also be available.

Have your say from the 18 January 2021 until the 19th April 2021. Any surveys completed since February 2020 will still be taken into account.

The outcome of the consultation will be available here.

What do we need from you?

The proposals can be found below in additional information. As a resident/landlord/business we would like your opinion about this and if you think landlord licensing should still be used. We need your views, comments and feedback:

  • What are the problems in your area?
  • Is this the best approach to tackle the problems?
  • What do you think the Council should be doing?
  • What benefits do you want from the scheme?
  • Do the proposed licence conditions help tackle the problems?
  • What do you think about the proposed licensing fee?

Additional information, areas and how it works

Provide your comments by completing our online survey.

The selective licensing consultation closed in April 2021. However, the results and data will be made available here, once it has been collated.

Contact us

Focus groups for residents/businesses can also be arranged subject to demand. If you are a resident/business and are interested in attending a focus group please contact us via email