The licensing of private rented properties has been happening in certain areas of Oldham since 2015. 

Following a comprehensive review and consultation, the Council has determined that a new selective licensing scheme is required in certain areas in Oldham.  

This means that any privately rented properties within these areas, will require a licence to operate from 4 July 2022.

Is my property in a Selective Licensing area ?

Check if your rented property is in a Selective Licensing area and therefore requires a licence application:


Licence Fee - this is a total of £582 for each licence.

The fee is split into two payments: 

Fee on the provision of the completed application form: £340.34

Fee to be paid if licence is granted: £241.66

To make an application 

Why Selective Licensing is needed

It is recognised that poor management standards in the private rented sector can contribute to low housing demand.

The aim of Selective Licensing is to improve the management of these properties through licence conditions to ensure they have a positive impact on the area.

The following provides the details behind the decision to introduce selective licensing:

The report detailing the decision:

Advice and Safety Information

The application/granting of a licence, does not mean that the property is safe and meets all legal requirements relating to private rented properties.  

The owner/licence holder/manager is and remains responsible, for checking the condition of the property and taking action where necessary.

It is also the owner/licence holder/managers responsibility, to ensure that they are personally up to date and understand the legal requirements and any changes to these requirements.

The purpose of a condition audit is to ensure that at the time of the audit, the licence holder is complying with the licence conditions. It is the licence holders/managers responsibility to ensure that they understand the licence conditions and continue to inspect and monitor that the property is safe, meets legal requirements and the licence conditions.

Should you not understand any part of the Selective Licensing scheme, licence or licence conditions, please contact us.


If you have any questions please call the Selective Licensing team:

Gas Safety

Blind Cord Safety

Does the property have blind cords - are they safe?

Water Safety

  • Drowning – Child Accident Prevention Trust