Oldham Council Selective Licence Conditions

A guide for landlords

Property Standards conditions:

  • Licence holders/manager to carry out an annual inspection of the property and provide a copy of the inspection record to the landlord licensing team.
  • Repairs to be undertaken within stated time periods, by competent persons to reasonable standard.
  • Provision of wheeled bins throughout the tenancy. Provision of information and ensuring tenants understand the refuse collection arrangements including their responsibilities with regards to using the correct bins and preventing an accumulation of rubbish.
  • Provision of Energy Performance Certificate that is up to date and is compliant with legal requirements
  • Property to be pest proofed. Provision of suitable treatment as and when required.
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and deal with overcrowding
  • At change of tenancy ensure that the property is clear of previous tenants abandoned belongings/accumulations of waste and there are no outstanding repairs. Any waste is removed by a licensed waste carrier and obtain waste transfer notes which should be produced when requested.

Management conditions:

  • Require and review references of potential tenants from suitable credible sources.
  • Provide references for tenants when required in a timely manner.
  • Provide receipts for cash rental payments and keep a copy of the receipts for inspection when requested.
  • Provide to the occupiers of the house, a written statement of the terms on which they occupy it and to provide a copy to the landlord licensing team on request
  • Provide at the commencement of tenancy up to date specified documents as described in the how to rent guide and legislation. Provide access during the tenancy to the specified documents.
  • Report to the landlord licensing team any relevant change of circumstances within 5 working days of the change occurring.
  • The licence holder must be a permanent resident and reside in the UK Arrangements must be made for a suitable person(s) to have control of the property should the licence holder be going out of the UK for longer than 4 weeks. This information must be provided to the tenant and the landlord licensing team within 5 working days of the arrangements being made.
  • Take all reasonable steps to carry out checks to ensure the managing agent being employed to assist with the management of the property is suitable and compliant with legislation including being a member of the redress scheme. Carry out reviews of agents practices as necessary and take action should the agent not be meeting relevant standards/legislation. (if using an agent)

Security conditions:

  • Provision of keys for window locks.
  • Provide and maintain that external doors, gates and fencing can be secured properly to ensure no unauthorised entry.
  • Provide an alley gate key where gates are present.

Environment and anti-social behaviour conditions:

  • Take reasonable steps to maintain the exterior of the property, yards and outbuildings. Ensure tenants are aware of their responsibilities to keep these in a clean, tidy and safe condition. Take the necessary action where tenants are not complying with this.
  • Take reasonable steps to keep all areas within the curtilage of the property free from rubbish/fly tipping at all times and that any waste is removed by a licensed waste carrier and obtain waste transfer notes which should be produced when requested.
  • Ensure tenants are aware of responsibility to not cause nuisance, anti-social, criminal and immoral behaviour
  • Take reasonable practical steps for preventing and dealing with the above behaviours including terminating tenancies legally following advice and recommendation from the Council.
  • Provision of tenant information to the landlord licensing team on request.

Provision and maintenance of:

  • Gas safety certificate must be obtained annually and produced to the landlord licensing team within 5 working days of check being completed.
  • Ensure that every electrical installation in the house is in proper working order and safe for continued use and to supply to the landlord licensing team on demand a declaration as to the safety of such installations.
  • Electrical appliances/furniture/blinds supplied by the landlord must be safe and meet relevant standards. Any certification to be provided to the landlord licensing team when requested.
  • Provision and installation of working smoke alarms to each level of the property fitted in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Maintenance of the smoke detection to ensure in good working order.
  • Provision of a carbon monoxide alarm in any room in the house which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and contains a fixed combustion appliance, (other than a gas cooker), to keep any alarm in good working order and to provide to the landlord licensing team on demand a declaration as to the condition and positioning of any such alarm.

Other conditions:

  • Additional management conditions may apply on a case-by-case basis
  • To pay the monitoring and compliance fee within 21 days of the licence being granted.
  • To provide access for a condition audit within 2 weeks of licence being granted.