Your passport to independent living | Your passport to independent living | Oldham Council

With local young people we have developed a useful and comprehensive guide that will help you as you leave care to develop your skills and knowledge to live independently.

Deciding to live independently can be a challenging time. This guide will point you in the right direction of the services that can help.

The content of this guide is broken down into different sections which cover information around health; housing; money and benefits including paying your bills; education, employment and training; personal information and identity; recreation and leisure.

We know that Your Passport to Independent Living guide won’t magically solve every problem you may have but will provide you with some simple solutions or relevant information about where to go or who to talk to.

It can help when the going gets tough. We would like to hear your feedback. If you think there are things we can add to the passport then please let us know. Good luck and enjoy your new adventure into independence.


Your personal advisor is always available for advice and support and can be contacted via: