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1. There was no bin when I moved in

All households in Oldham are entitled to one standard sized (240 litre) grey bin for general rubbish that can't be recycled.

If there was no bin when you moved in, sorry, but you need to pay for your grey bin.  


Payment can be made using credit or debit card.

The prices are:

  • Standard size (240 litre) grey bin = £32.28
  • Refurbished standard size (240 litre) grey bin* = £19.37
  • Slimline (140 litre) grey bin = £29.05
  • Refurbished slimline (140 litre) grey bin* = £15.07

*Refurbished, used bins may be available, please ask when ordering.

Order your bin

Phone: 0161 770 6644