Use this form to report fly-tipping.

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What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste that might include general household rubbish, larger household items e.g. mattresses and fridges, garden refuse or commercial waste.

Fly-tipping examples

Examples of fly-tipping

What happens when you report fly-tipping?

First, an enforcement officer will investigate.  Once the investigation is completed we will clear the fly-tipping as soon as possible.

You will receive email updates about the progress of your report if you provide us with your email address when completing the report form.

Oldham Council treats fly-tipping very seriously and will take action against anyone caught fly-tipping.

Track progress of a fly-tipping report

You can find out what has happened to the fly-tipping you reported by logging into 'My Account':

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Or using the reference number that was provided when you completed the "Report fly-tipping" form:

Track a fly-tipping report

Waste carriers

Whether you’re a resident or a business, don’t give it to someone who can’t prove they are a legitimate waste carrier.