Travel assistance will be provided for pupils who, because of their special educational needs, disability or mobility difficulties, cannot reasonably be expected to walk to their nearest qualifying school.

Please visit Oldham Connect, via the below link for all information on Oldham’s Travel Assistance service

Travel options

Depending on your circumstances we could offer:

  • travel training to develop a young person's independence and ability to use public transport
  • a mileage rate to cover the cost of using your own transport  
  • a Personal Travel Budget (PTB) to pay for other travel arrangements  
  • a place on one of our dedicated vehicles with disabled access, usually shared with other children
  • in very exceptional cases, a taxi or private hire vehicle.

Apply for travel assistance

We'll check what you tell us and decide whether to make a full assessment. If so, we may visit you at home and consult the school and other organisations. 

If we agree to offer travel assistance, it will normally start within two weeks.

We will review the situation regularly to make sure the assistance is still needed and appropriate, and will check if a change of circumstance like going to a new school means we need to change what we offer.

Travel training

Travel training teaches children and young people and families who need additional support to make journeys using public transport safely and confidently on their own.

If you disagree with a decision

You can appeal to an independent panel against a decision to not provide assistance, or if you don't agree with the type of assistance we offer.

The letter we send you telling you our decision also tells you how to appeal. 

More information 

See our travel assistance policy in detail