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Travel training teaches children and young people and families who need additional support to make journeys using public transport safely and confidently on their own.

Travel training can involve:

  • Short term support: Familiarising people with how public transport works in their area, giving them confidence to use it alone
  • Long term support: One-to-one personalised training programme over a period of weeks or months
  • Preparing children and young people when they are ready to travel independently
  • This may be useful for Year 6 pupils to support with their transition to secondary school

Tips for travelling independently

Visit the place you are going to beforehand, so you are familiar with the route and area

You can plan your route 

Print out your chosen route, highlight bus numbers or the name or place of where you are going and do the same with the return journey (It is very easy to get transport going in the wrong direction).

You can count the number of stops from getting on to arriving at your destination, look out for unusual land marks (maybe take a photo).

If unsure or unable to speak make a card with what sort of ticket you want and where you are going too, you could then hand it to the driver.

Further information

Northern helps launch UK's first autism friendly railway

Northern has joined forces with Community Rail Lancashire and the National Autistic Society to develop the UK’s first autism friendly railway line.

Practical Pedestrian Training for Children in Years 3-4

Active travel such as walking has a wide range of physical, environmental and mental health benefits. By regularly walking to school, children can build in to their daily routine valuable exercise to help them achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity.

Free downloadable resources are designed to help schools where Road Safety Officer support is not available and provides advice and information on how to organise pedestrian training for children in years 3-4.