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3. Learning Disability, Autism Advocacy


Voice, choice and equality for people with learning disabilities and/autism.

OPAL provides the only specialist independent learning disability advocacy service for adults in Oldham and it’s completely free to use

Our advocates help people with all sorts of different problems


  • Money
  • Care and support plans
  • Parenting
  • Work, volunteering and learning
  • Relationships
  • Where to live and housing
  • Making complaints.

Who can use our service?

Anybody with a diagnosed learning disability and/autism /acquired brain injury who is over 18 and lives in Oldham.

Who can refer to our service?

Anybody can make a referral, this can be health and social care professionals, family members, the police, teachers, people who work in housing or employment services and you can refer yourself for our service.

Tel: 0161 633 5544
Email: advocacy@opal-advocacy.org.uk
Website: Opal - Opal Advocacy website