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3. Learning Disability, Autism Advocacy

VoiceAbility is your adult advocacy provider in Oldham.

VoiceAbility supports people to be heard when it matters most. They’ve been supporting people to be heard in decisions about their health, care, and wellbeing for over 40 years.
They’re an independent charity and one of the largest providers of advocacy and involvement services in the UK.

In Oldham, they offer the following types of advocacy support for adults:

  •  Independent Mental Health Advocacy
  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy
  • Learning Disability and Autism Advocacy
  •  Relevant Person Representative
  •  Care Act

Our advocates help people with all sorts of different problems including:

  • Money
  • Care and support plans
  • Parenting
  • Work, volunteering and learning
  • Relationships
  • Where to live and housing
  • Making complaints.
  • Who can use our service?

Anybody can make a referral, this can be health and social care professionals, family members, the police, teachers, people who work in housing or employment services and you can refer yourself for our service.

If you have any questions you can get in touch by:

Healthwatch Oldham