3. What is pathway planning?

When you are 16 your social worker will undertake an after care assessment with you. This is an assessment of all the skills you have, as well as the things that you may need to learn to enable you to eventually live independently. 

This assessment will be used to develop a pathway plan with you. Your pathway plan will also contain details of what support you can expect and any skills that you need to develop.

If you have left care and would like support, please call the After Care Team on 0161 770 6598 or email careleavers@oldham.gov.uk and we will arrange an assessment to see how we can help you.

What happens then?

The pathway plan will be developed with you and those supporting you.

Every six months a review meeting will be held to look at the plan and see if it is offering you the support that you want and need. There will be an Independent Reviewing Officer chairing the meeting to make sure that your opinions are listened to. 

Why should I be involved?

You know best what direction you would like your life to take, so it’s important you are involved. Only with your involvement can we ensure your views are heard and your pathway plan meets your needs. 

What will be in the assessment and the pathway plan?

Health and development – this will include your physical, emotional and mental health. 

Education, employment and training – any support you need around this.

Family and social relationships - any support that will be offered to you in the future by your parents, and wider family network and friends. 

Identity – this will include any of your needs arising from your ethnicity, religious background or sexual orientation. This will also assist you to obtain key documents linked to confirming your age and identity.

Financial support – this will include any financial resources available to you as well as an assessment of your ability to handle money and budget. 

Accommodation – where you live or plan to live in the future to gain independence.