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Travel training teaches children and young people with SEND who may need additional support to make journeys using public transport safely and confidently on their own.

Travel training can involve:

Social Travel training offers children and young people the confidence to use public transport and visit places of interest to them.
One-to-one personalised training programme with an assigned Travel Trainer teaching children and young people to travel from home to school/college. 
Group Work prepares children and young people when they are ready to travel independently on buses, trams, trains, and walking routes.

The benefits

  • Increased opportunity to participate in social and leisure activities
  • Improvement of general health and well-being
  • Increased confidence, independence, and resilience 
  • Decreased reliance on specialist transport and parents/carers
  • More opportunities to go out with friends and join clubs

To refer a child or young person for Travel Training please complete our online form:

Application for travel assistance

Tips for traveling independently

Visit the place you are going to beforehand, so you are familiar with the route and area

Print out your chosen route, highlight bus numbers or the name or place of where you are going, and do the same with the return journey (It is very easy to get transport going in the wrong direction).
You can count the number of stops from getting on, to arriving at your destination, looking out for unusual landmarks (maybe take a photo).