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Certain food manufacturers who process ‘products of animal origin’ require formal approval under additional hygiene regulations.

These are usually premises that process raw food to produce ‘ready-to-eat’ foods.

Examples of these would be manufacturers who produce:

  • Meat products e.g. ham, salami
  • Dairy products e.g. pasteurised milk, cheese
  • Egg products e.g. egg powder
  • Fish products e.g. smoked fish

These businesses are still required to have a HACCP based food safety management system like other businesses (under E.C. Regulations 852/2004) but are also subject to the following food regulations:

  1. E. C. Regulation 853/2004 The approval itself is issued under these regulations
  2. E.C. Regulation 854/2004 Contains certain specific rules for the application of official controls on products of animal origin.

All approved businesses are allocated a unique identification number and are visited several times a year to ensure they are following food hygiene regulations.

Oldham has several approved premises such as dairies, a salami manufacturer and an ice cream manufacturer.

Apply for premises approval