The regulations are enforced by the Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR).  The regulations require allergen information to be provided for non-prepacked and prepacked-for-direct-sale food (as well as for prepacked food). 

If you work with foods you will have a legal responsibility to provide the correct allergen information about the ingredients that is in the food you make or serve, to your customer. 

Allergen information for loose foods 

For food businesses which provide non-prepacked food, such as retailers, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries and institutional caterers the FIR introduces a new requirement to provide information on allergenic ingredients. This information can be provided in writing and/or orally. 

Allergen information for prepacked foods

The FIR introduces a new requirement to emphasise any of the 14 specific allergens in the ingredients list of prepacked food. 

Online training 

The Food Standards Agency have an online training tool:

It highlights steps that should be followed to make sure good practice is used in the manufacture and production of food. 

It also offers practical advice to anyone wanting to learn more about food allergies, such as managers and staff in the manufacturing and catering industries.