One of the factors that determines if a child will be offered a place is the distance from their home to the school, measured in a straight line.

How is the distance measured?

On entering the address into the admissions system, the address is matched against address-point data held in the system from the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG).

When an address is matched, the system looks up its Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), which will have six-figure Grid References attached.

The straight line distance from this address point to the centroid (a six-figure grid reference) is then calculated to the nearest 0.001 mile.

Flats and apartments

Where applications are made from the same multiple dwelling sharing a single address point, such applications in a single criterion will be considered initially by distance between the address point and the school in the normal way.

Where there are insufficient places to admit all those applicants, the individual priority for each applicant will be set by random allocation (lottery).