Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we hope you appreciate and understand that the local authority has had to reduce the service it offers to ensure it is able to support and protect the most vulnerable members of our communities

We remain commited to helping you to lead a peaceful life, free from harassment and distress; however, at the current time we must ensure we direct our resources to respond to incidents where a significant threat, risk or harm is identified.

We are sure that you will appreciate that the current restrictions on outdoor activities and gatherings will pose some new challenges and cause some frustrations, with people forced to remain at home for extended periods of time.

In particular, more children and young people are at home and this may cause increased noise levels and perceived anti-social behaviour. We would ask for your patience at this time and ask that you consider the following before contacting us regarding anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance;

  • Is the type of behaviour being exhibited by your neighbours unusual?
  • Is the behaviour possibly caused by individuals and families being in a confined space for an extended period of time?
  • Is the behaviour likely to resolve itself after the restrictions on outdoor activities and gathering are no longer in place?
  • Is the stress of the current situation perhaps making you a little less tolerant than usual?
  • Do you feel able to speak to your neighbours regarding your concerns without jeopardising your own safety, whilst following social distancing guidance? 

If the answer to the above questions is YES, then we ask for your patience and tolerance.

If the answer to these questions is NO please then also consider:

  • Do you think the behaviour is intended to be anti-social and is it really causing, or likely to cause you or your family significant harm?

If you do think the behaviour intended to be anti-social and is really causing, or likely to cause you or your family significant harm and you live in a private dwelling or in private rented accommodation, then please contact us and we will seek to assist you wherever possible.

You can contact the Community Safety Team by email to: 

If you’re unhappy with the way anti-social behaviour has been dealt with:

Contact the Council’s Community Safety Team Leader Philip Bonworth if you have a complaint about the way your report of anti-social behaviour has been dealt with

If you are a tenant of a registered housing provider, or if the person whom you are complaining about is a tenant of a registered housing provider then please contact them directly:

Aksa Homes: 0161 331 2525

Contour Homes: 0345 602 1120

First Choice Homes: 0161 393 7117 then choose option 4

Great Places: 0300 123 1966

Guinness Northern Counties: 0303 123 1890

Housing 21: 0370 192 4444

Places For People: 01772 667 002

Regenda: 0344 736 0066

Villages Housing: 0300 123 5522

If the issues relate to criminal matters i.e. drug dealing, criminal damage, threats of violence, or actual violence, then please contact Greater Manchester Police by the following methods;

Greater Manchester Police webchat and online reporting portal at: 

  • GM Police website
  • 101 (Please use the online portal above if possible so as not to overwhelm the Emergency Services)
  • 999 (If you are or another at immediate risk of harm)
  • Crime stoppers website
  • or call 0800 555 111

If your issue relates to noise nuisance, then please visit the Noise Nuisance section on the Oldham Council website or cut and paste the following link into your search engines tool bar; 

Concerned about a vulnerable adult or child?

If you are concerned about the safety of a vulnerable adult or child in a household, then please forward your concerns to the Oldham Multi-Agency Safeguarding hub at;

  • email(for concerns about adults)
  • email (for concerns about children)

You may also contact the MASH by telephone on 0161 770 7777