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One Safer Oldham (Oldham’s Community Safety Partnership) is committed to reducing and preventing anti-social behaviour to achieve strengthened neighbourhoods where residents treat each other with respect and understanding and where people are proud to be citizens of Oldham.

Community Safety Services Anti-Social Behaviour Team works closely with the police, the licensing team, housing providers and youth services to tackle those that behave in an anti-social way and to help reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Report anti-social behaviour


Report any instance of behaviour which has caused you harassment, alarm or distress.

Ask for a log number and make a note of this for future reference if the problem persists.

Contact the police non-emergency crime and anti-social behaviour number: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Phone: 0161 872 5050

Community Safety Services

Contact Community Safety Services if you and the people you are complaining about are private tenants or owner occupiers, or if you’re not sure:

Social housing provider

Contact the social housing provider if you or the people you are complaining about are tenants of a social landlord

  • Aksa Homes: 0800 027 0807
  • Contour Homes: 0345 602 1120
  • First Choice Homes: 0161 393 7117 then choose option 4
  • Great Places: 0161 484 3200
  • Guinness Northern Counties: 0845 605 9000
  • Housing 21: 0345 604 4447
  • Places For People: 0800 432 0002
  • Regenda: 0344 736 0066
  • Villages Housing: 0161 633 4060

Environmental Services

Contact Environmental services to report environmental crime such as fly-tipping, dog fouling or noise nuisance

  • Phone: 0161 770 6644

If you’re unhappy with the way anti-social behaviour has been dealt with

Contact the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team Leader Lorraine Kenny if you have a complaint about the way your report of anti-social behaviour has been dealt with

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

Tools and powers

There are a wide range of ‘tools and powers’ to deal with people who behave in an anti-social way. These include noise abatement notices and anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs).

Over 100 police officers, police community support officers, housing staff and youth workers have been trained in the use of ‘tools and powers’.

Every month the anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) are reviewed to make sure they are working.

When someone breaches their ASBO and goes to court, the Anti-Social Behaviour Team makes sure the court has all the information it needs to decide on punishment.

Social landlords

If you are a tenant in social housing, your landlord has made a pledge to help you deal with anti-social behaviour.

Extra support for victims of anti-social behaviour

If you are very worried by anti-social behaviour there is extra support for you

Contact Community Safety services and ask for a referral to the independent anti-social behaviour champion.

You can also ask for a security survey.

  • Phone: 0161 770 1573

Reducing youth anti-social behaviour


Oldham’s Challenge and Support Team confiscate alcohol from underage drinkers, remove underage drinkers to a safe place, monitor them and work with their parents.

Operations Gateway and Divert target young people travelling on public transport with large amounts of alcohol.

Shops that sell alcohol to young people are fined and monitored.

Contact Oldham Trading Standards to report any Off Licence you think is selling alcohol to under age people.

  • Phone Oldham Trading Standards: 0345 404 0506


Fireworks and related anti-social behaviour are specially targeted in October and November.

After school patrols

After school patrols help reduce bullying and provide safe passage home for young people. The patrols also help prevent fighting between schools.

Street-based patrols

Street-based patrols respond to anti-social behaviour as it happens.

Young people who need support are given information about youth facilities such as Youth Only Zones or are encouraged to participate in Youth Inclusion Projects or activities like OASIS (the young people’s drug and alcohol intervention service), or anti-social behaviour workshops.

In severe cases the street-based patrols may send warning letters to parents, prepare an ASBO application, or arrest an offender.

Street-based patrols work between 2.00pm and 10.00pm Monday to Thursday, and 4.00pm until midnight Friday and Saturday (but may patrol for longer hours if required).

Truant patrols

Young people who truant can become involved in crime such as theft, criminal damage or burglary.

Truant patrols return the young person to school and challenge parents who keep their child off school without reason. Parents can be asked to sign up to an action plan to ensure their children attend school, be fined or even taken to court.

You can help by contacting your local school if you suspect that a young person is truanting.