1. How to recycle your food waste

  1. Put your food waste into your indoor food caddy.

You can put food waste directly into your caddy or if you prefer, you can use compostable bags to line it.

  1. When your indoor caddy is full, empty it into your outdoor caddy or straight into your green bin if you have one.
  2. Your food waste is collected weekly. Just put your outdoor caddy or green bin out on your usual collection day with your other rubbishy or recycling bin.*

*Please note, you can put either your outdoor caddy or your green bin out for collection but not both

Food caddies and compostable liners

If you don’t already have a food caddy, order one from us. You can have a smaller one for in your kitchen (7 litres) and/or a larger one (23 litres) for outside that you can empty the smaller one into regularly.

Caddies come with and a roll of 20 compostable bags to get you started, details of where to go when you need more and information about what can go in there.

Please don’t put newspaper or plastic bags, including ‘biodegradable’ ones into your food caddy.

Compostable bags are made from natural materials and turn safely into compost along with your food and garden waste. 

They have the word ‘compostable’ on them along with the Seedling logo and the European Standard EN13432 printed on them.

Home composting

Use your kitchen waste and garden waste to make your own nutrient rich compost that you can use to help feed your flowers, plants and vegetables.

  • Composting - Recycle for Greater Manchester website