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Further information

A carer assessment helps you to think about your caring role, how it affects your life and what support you may need. 

It's about you; it's not a judgement about how capable you are as a carer. You can have an assessment in your own right as a carer, regardless of whether we know about the person(s) you care for.

When we carry out the assessment, we will talk with you about your needs, your health, about what is important to you, and if your wellbeing is affected by an inability to meet certain outcomes. The outcomes include day-to-day activities like carrying out any other caring responsibilities, going to work or to leisure activities, or eating meals. The areas of wellbeing that we consider include personal dignity, social and economic wellbeing and domestic, family and personal relationships.

You will be offered a carer assessment if you provide, or intend to provide, unpaid care for another adult. Accepting the offer of an assessment is entirely optional.

Preparing for the assessment

After requesting an assessment, you will be offered an appointment. Before the assessment, you should think about:

  • The help you provide;
  • The help the person for whom you care receives and how well that supports you as a carer;
  • Whether you are able, or willing, to continue to care;
  • Whether you need help to keep working or to get into work, education or leisure opportunities;
  • The kinds of support you need to care, or to continue to care; and
  • Which aspects of caring you find, or may find, difficult or stressful.

You may find it helpful to keep a diary for a week or two before an assessment.

Requesting support for yourself as a carer

If you are over 18 and are having difficulties providing necessary care for a partner, family member or friend who could not manage without your help, then you are a carer, and we want to explore if we can support you.

If you would like a carers assessment, you can do this by completing our Request support for yourself as a carer form.

Request support for yourself as a carer

For further information on the Carer’s Service you can contact us here:

If you are a parent carer or young person looking after an adult, you can access support from Children’s Social Care by calling 0161 770 7777, option 1.

For more information on The Care Act and Carers Assessments: