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2. Air pollution from industry

The council is responsible for permitting and controlling specified industrial installations in order to regulate their operations with regard to environmental impact, including emissions to the air.

Permits and authorisations are issued that include conditions that must be complied with to ensure the installation is using best available techniques for preventing or reducing air pollution.

If you think your business may undertake a process that needs permits and authorisations to emit pollutants into the air please contact the Pollution Control team.

Council-regulated processes

Council-regulated processes include:

  • Manufacturing wood products where lots of sawdust is generated
  • Incineration
  • Quarrying
  • Concrete batching plants
  • Spraying metal goods using surface coatings
  • Vehicle refinishing
  • Manufacturing vehicle paints
  • Operating mobile demolition crushing plants
  • Working with high volumes of solvents and printing inks
  • Petrol stations

The Environment Agency regulates all larger industries.

Operator responsibilities

Operators are obliged to use the ‘Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost’ (BATNEEC) to control air and other discharges into the environment.

Operators have to obtain from the council the proper authorisations and permits which set conditions on them discharging pollutants into the air.

All authorisations, permits and other correspondence is then made available on a public register.

The sort of controlling conditions include, for instance:

  • Setting limits for emissions
  • The local geography
  • The consumption of raw materials
  • Accident prevention
  • Energy efficiency