Your landlord has a responsibility to make necessary repairs to the property you are renting.

If something in your property needs fixing you should contact your landlord in the first instance and give them time to carry out any repairs.

Shelter has a template that you can use to write to, or email your landlord to notify them that something needs fixing:

You should keep a record of when you contacted landlord.

If your landlord fails to carry out the repairs, you can contact the Environmental Health Team:

An officer will arrange to visit your property and may arrange for the landlord to come at the same time.

They will work with the landlord to get the repairs done, either by sending a letter or serving  a legal notice.

They will make sure the work is done. If it isn’t done, the Council may prosecute the landlord and in some cases do the work and charge the landlord for it.

Advice and support

If you are having problems with your landlord, and feel that they are pressuring you to leave the property, then contact Tenancy Relations.