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What the service offers

We advise landlords and tenants within the Oldham Borough about their tenancy rights and obligations. The service is for private tenants and not people who rent their homes from the Council or housing associations.

  • We specialise in giving advice when a tenant is being told to leave their home.
  • We intervene where it appears that a tenant might be made to leave unlawfully. This usually involves contacting the landlord and making sure that both landlord and tenant are aware of the law. Wherever possible, we always try to resolve the issue, however the Council has the authority to prosecute for any illegal evictions that we cannot prevent or any associated criminal offences.
  • We advise tenants on their rights to obtain certain information from their landlord.
  • We advise tenants on the protection of their deposits and although we cannot take action to recover money, we can advise tenants how to proceed through the courts.
  • We can also give advice to leaseholders about their rights and the information they are entitled to.
  • We give general advise around repairs . However we refer most case to The Council’s Environmental Health Department who can help tenants when a landlord will not carry out repairs and where there are hazards that cause unsafe or unhealthy conditions. You can find out more on our disrepair web page.

Unlawful eviction and harassment

It is a serious criminal offence under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 to make a tenant leave unlawfully. Forcing a tenant to leave unlawfully can include:

  • changing the locks
  • removing a tenant’s possessions
  • carrying out unnecessarily disruptive work to the premises
  • threats and intimidation
  • any behaviour intended to make the tenant feel uncomfortable or uneasy
  • disconnection of services

Not all of the above problems will fall to the Tenancy Relations Service (TRS) to resolve. The Council’s Noise Nuisance and Envriromental Health Disrepair Departments have statutory powers to deal with some kinds of harassment.

It is not an offence for a landlord to:

  • make reasonable requests for rent at reasonable intervals
  • carry out repairs or inspect repairs in a way which takes into account the tenant’s rights
  • threaten eviction by the legal process if a tenant is in breach of their tenancy conditions.

Harassment is covered by two different laws:

  • The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (dealt with by the Police)
  • The Protection from Eviction Act 1977 (dealt with by the Council).

There can be some overlap, but examples of general harassment that may be a breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and be dealt with by the police include:

  • unwanted phone calls, letters, emails or visits
  • stalking
  • verbal abuse and threats
  • smashing windows or using dogs to frighten tenants.

Although we cannot represent or act on behalf of either landlords or tenants in the way that a solicitor or advocate can, we do advise about the law to do with private tenancies.

Prior to contacting our Housing Options service, you may find the help and advice you need here within our Factsheets

You can also find more in-depth information on some topics in the public advice guides, which include guides on mortgages, housing options for ex-service personnel, housing options for offenders, and economic abuse.

How to contact the Tenancy Relations Service

The service can only help landlords and tenants in the Oldham Borough.

The Tenancy Relations Service operates a telephone advice service on a Wednesday and Thursdays between 10am-3:30pm 

Telephone Number: 0161 770 3612

Alternatively you can email your enquiry to

For urgent enquires outside these times please call Housing Options on 0161 770 4605 .