Oldham’s Local Land Charges team can be contacted by email:

The Land Charges team will be able to email the information shown on the Local Land Charges Register against properties/land.

Requests should be emailed together with a plan to identify the property/land. The turnaround time to obtain this information will be 10 working days.

All local land charges searches should be submitted by email:

Payments should be made via your bank to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council:

Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
Sort Code: 20-55-58
Account Number: 13861449

Please email us to confirm that you have made your payment.

We'll still be accepting searches through

For searches submitted electronically, we aim to send the search results back to you within 10 working days. This is a temporary measure due to the current circumstances.

Local Land Charges inform potential buyers whether they will inherit any obligations or restrictions on the property, and reveal certain information regarding the property e.g. tree preservation order, or enforcement notice.

Failure to comply with an obligation or restriction may lead to a fine and/or criminal record.

Obligations and restrictions (LLC1 form)

The LLC1 form covers obligations and restrictions on the property imposed by the Local Authority (or other originating Authority) which will be inherited by any subsequent owner e.g. tree preservation order, or listed building status.

  • LLC1 only: £25.00 (residential and non-residential)
  • LLC1 Additional Parcel: £1.00

You can download LLC1 for free here.

Send the form(s) and two plans showing the location and boundaries of the property in red to be searched against to the Land Charges Team.

Payment can be made by cheque or BACs. The replies to the search will not be released until payment has been received.

Standard enquiries (CON29R form)

The CON29R form covers things like planning history of the property, whether the road is publicly or privately maintained and whether there are any major road or rail proposals in the vicinity.

  • CON29R Residential: £90.00
  • CON29R Non-residential: £102.00
  • CON29R Additional Parcels: £28.80 each
  • Access to property records: No charge

You can register to buy a search through either of these two agencies:

Or you can purchase forms from legal stationers

Optional enquiries (CON29O form)

CON29O covers information about property like public paths or byways, houses in multiple occupation, hazardous substance consents and common land.

The questions are not relevant to all properties.

  • Each enquiry: £15.60 (except question 22 Commons Registration which is £16.80).
  • Additional questions by solicitor submitted with searches: £25.20 each.

You can register to buy a search through either of these two agencies:

Or you can purchase forms from legal stationers

Drainage enquiries

Oldham Borough falls under United Utilities for drainage.

Inspection of the Local Land Charges Register

A personal search is a free service which provides basic Local Land Charges Register information, on a property or area of land.

The search does not reveal all planning information, in accordance with Rule 7 of the Local Land Charges Rules 1977.

Planning information is readily and freely accessible via the following link, and from our planning department:

There is no charge for a personal property search.