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Local Plan Review: Issues and Options

Oldham Council is seeking the views of residents as we prepare a new Local Plan. This will replace the existing Local Plan (the ‘Joint Core Strategy and Development Management Development Plan Document’), which was adopted November 2011.

Underpinning the plan will be the principles of sustainable development, it will meet the needs of Oldham and its residents while also achieving high quality design, addressing climate change and increasing accessibility for all.

A Local Plan is a plan that is drawn up to guide and manage future growth and development (such as housing, offices, industry, warehousing and retail).  It contains planning policies that will be used as the basis for determining planning applications and identifies sites where developments should be permitted, as well as areas where development should be restricted. 

It is essential that the council continues to have an up to date statutory development plan in order to provide for the proper planning of the area.

The Local Plan must conform with Places for Everyone Joint Development Plan Document (PfE). PfE is being jointly prepared by nine of the Greater Manchester local authorities (Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan). Upon adoption, PfE will form part of the Local Plan for Oldham. Please note: PfE and allocations included within it, are not being consulted on as part of the Local Plan Issues and Options. 

The Local Plan will cover the whole borough except the part that falls within the Peak District National Park.

What is the Issues and Options stage?

The document we are seeking views on is called Issues and Options and follows on from the consultation that was carried out in the summer of 2017, called the ‘Regulation 18 Notification’. The comments we received from so many residents and businesses have been invaluable in helping us identify the issues that the Local Plan needs to address in this Issues and Options document. Emerging evidence has also helped to shape to Issues and Options document.

We have published a consultation statement – summarising the comments received in 2017 and how we have addressed the key issues raised.

The Issues and Options document describes the key challenges facing Oldham, sets out broad issues and presents options and questions that we need residents, businesses and interested parties in the borough to help us answer.

What are we asking in this consultation?

We welcome comments on any part of the Issues and Options document. However, to guide and get the most from the consultation we have asked specific questions and presented spatial options within the document that we would like responses on.

The Issues and Options and its supporting documents are available to view below:

The following documents have also been published as part of our Local Plan evidence base:

In addition, Topic Papers have been prepared as part of the process of evidence gathering to support the review and preparation of Oldham’s Local Plan.

The principal aim of the Topic Papers is to set out current key policies, plans and strategies relating to this topic area that will form the basis for the development of the Local Plan. The Topic Papers present a profile of the borough and highlight key issues and opportunities that the Local Plan should seek to address. Helping to shape and influence the direction and focus of the Local Plan’s planning policies, designations and site allocations.

The following Topic Papers are available:

It is intended that the Topic Papers will be ‘living’ documents that can be updated as we progress through the preparation of the Local Plan, carry out further consultation and complete additional evidence.

Please note that some of these documents may not be accessible for people using assistive technology. We are working to resolve this. In the meantime, if you have any problems accessing the information please email SPI.Consultations@oldham.gov.uk

How to comment

The Issues and Options report, together with its supporting documents is subject to an eight-week consultation period that runs from 5th July until 29th August 2021 -  THIS CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED

The council is keen to promote the submission of comments electronically and would encourage anyone with appropriate facilities to make their responses in this way. Comments can be submitted online at https://oldham.objective.co.uk/portal/oc/planning/spi/local_plan_review/io2021/.

Alternatively, comments can be emailed to SPI.Consultations@oldham.gov.uk;  

Or addressed to:

Strategic Planning and Information

Economy, Skills and Neighbourhoods

Room 310, Level 3, Civic Centre

West Street,



Comments on the Issues and Options Report, and / or its supporting documents, must be received by 5pm on 29th August 2021. - THIS CONSULTATION IS NOW CLOSED

Please note all comments will be held by the council and will be available to view publicly. Comments cannot be treated as confidential. Your personal information, such as your postal and e-mail address, will not be published, but your name and organisation (if relevant) will.

Oldham Council maintains a database of consultees who wish to be kept informed about the Local Plan. If you wish to be added to or removed from the mailing list please visit https://www.oldham.gov.uk/info/200585/local_plan/1825/consultation or contact us via the details below.

Details of our data protection and commitments and the Strategic Planning and Information Privacy Notice can be found on the council’s website at https://www.oldham.gov.uk/info/200585/local_plan/1825/consultation.  

Should you wish to discuss any issues or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Strategic Planning and Information Team on 0161 770 4105 or by email at SPI.Consultations@oldham.gov.uk.

Place Standard:

In addition to the Issues and Options documents we are also using a Place Standard tool as a way of engaging with the community. This is supplementary to the Issues and Options consultation documents.

The Place Standard tool can assist the council and the community to have an improved understanding of local aspirations and to target services, facilities and infrastructure in response. This will help to align community and land use planning to achieve better outcomes. The Place Standard tool is not a formal way of restricting development.

Completion of the Place Standard tool must take place by 5pm on 29th August 2021.

Place Standards  - further information and how to complete