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1. About

Get Oldham Growing is a public health funded programme which recognises the impact of growing and eating local food on the health and wellbeing of communities. The programme works in partnership with local people, community groups and local organisations to improve peoples’ health, skills and environment through growing, cooking and eating local food.

From supporting access to land and schools grounds development to increasing the number of community garden sites and local food enterprises, Get Oldham Growing’s vision is to further establish Oldham as a borough with a thriving local food culture and economy.

The programme aims to:

  • Encourage more residents to grow, cook and eat local food and engage in food related businesses and community projects
  • Increase the number of sites in the borough used for food growing projects
  • Develop a growing hub in each of the districts
  • Support training and education in food subjects
  • Support and encourage the sharing of skills and resources across Oldham and beyond.
  • Support new job opportunities and community businesses