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Support and advice for under 20s expecting their first baby
A free service from specially trained family nurse to help you understand your pregnancy and how to care well for yourself and your baby.
Spring Meadows Children Centre, Leamington Street, Littlemoor, OL4 2RN

Contact phone

0161 470 4260


From 0 to 20 years old

Opening times

Weekly to fortnightly visits between 9am - 5pm week days but the service is flexible and Family Nurses will visit to fit around clients who are in college, school or working.


Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a free and voluntary programme for under-20s expecting their first baby. Your specially trained family nurse will help you understand all about your pregnancy and how to care well for yourself and your baby.

Your family nurse will provide you with information and support you to make decisions which:

  • Increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy
  • Help you manage your labour
  • Improve your child's development
  • Build a positive relationship with your baby and others
  • Help you plan for the future
  • Enable you to make lifestyle choices that will give your child the best possible start in life
  • Enable you to achieve your aspirations (such as finding a job or returning to education)

Quick Criteria Checklist: Age 19 or under at conception First Child Living in Oldham Before 16wks no less than 26wks Gestation.

The same Family Nurse works with the family until the baby is 2 years old. A client who has a Family Nurse will not have a Health Visitor until the baby is 2 years old

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Updated: 11/03/2022