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Day nursery open all year
Prince Charlie Street, Oldham, OL1 4HJ

Contact phone

0161 678 8400 or 07535 691 956
Ofsted URN: EY272230

Ofsted rating



From 3 months to 5 years old

Vacancy details

Waiting list for 0-2 years, approx 1 month wait

Opening times

Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm

Cost details

Per day £40, Per week (0 - 3 years) £170, Per week (3 - 5 years) £145, a.m. session £25, p.m. session £25, mini-day £32.50, Hourly all ages £5, 10% discount for siblings

Free childcare possible for 2 year olds


Free childcare possible for 3/4 year olds


Takes childcare vouchers?



Registerd for 30 hours free childcare

Special diets offered

On discussion with parents/carers

Provides for different cultural needs


How do you identify special educational needs and disabilities?

When starting the nursery, every child will have a baseline assessment of their development according to EYFS development matters, this is written with information gained from the childs parent and staff observations during their first week. This will be monitored ongoing by the childs keyworker and an end of term report will be written to pull together all the keyworkers observations. The Nursery Manager who is also SENCO oversees these reports and will highlight children who are not at expected dveleopment for their age or children who are not making expected progress. The keyworker and SENCO will discuss concerns with parents and put plans in according to the childs needs and parents wishes.

How do you involve parents/carers?

All Parents are asked to complete an EYFS development booklet during their settling in visits, keyworkers use this ongoing and highlight the areas they see in nursery during their first week. This booklet is updated ongoing by parents, usually before the end of term report is due, so parents are included in the overall judgements of bands of development for their child. Parents are also asked on the registration forms if they have any concerns with their childs development and what support they want from the nursery to help their child to be school ready.

How do you support a child’s learning and development?

We included parents along the way and will offer advice and support for home learning or offer workshops around things like speech and language. We also point parents towards Speech and language workshops running at the local childrens centre. We let parents know what their childs next steps are and give them advice on activities to do at home and how to support their child.

How do you meet a child’s educational needs?

By keyworkers monitoring childrens development each term and managers overseeing the assessments termly. All staff have development plans of their own of which managers observe how well they are supporting children and how they can improve.

How do we know my child is achieving agreed outcomes?

Each term their report will show development, this will be tracked & monitored on a matrix ongoing and you, your childs keyworker and the manager will know if their development is following the expected route. Yours childs learning journey is available to look through and add to anytime.

How do you adapt for a child with extra needs?

We differentiate all activities and routines to suit all children as they all have their individual needs. Children who are on the SEN register with us will have their own separate outcomes & strategies sheet on the planning, which is relayed through our weekly planning of activities and they are adapted to suit. The learning environment is also assessed according to all of the childrens needs and is changed ongoing to suit the children accessing it at that time.

How accessible is your service, outside and inside?

All downstairs areas are accessible to all children, with ramps leading outdoors. Our preschool room is upstairs, unfortunately we do not have a lift. We can accommodate children above 3 years in our downstairs room and will develop our routines so that they are accessing indoor and outdoor play with their peers on a daily basis.

How do you involve children in outings and trips?

A risk assessment is carried out for all trips and activities out of the setting and a full plan will be put in place to include and support all children safely.

How do you work with other organisations?

We work closely with outside agencies and can accommodate meetings and reviews in the setting. Our SENCO is confident in referring children to other agencies such as SALT or AENs. We take on the advice of other agencies and put a plan together for the child to cover and support all areas of their development.

How do you support children when they start and leave?

All parents and children are invited in for settling in visits and a baseline assessment is done. Children leaving the setting are provided with a Transition document to take to their new setting, evaluating their time at the nursery and how we have supported trasitions, such as visits, talks about new schools and inviting in teachers from school.

How are you/staff trained in extra needs?

Yes our manager and preschool manager are both trained SENCOs. Other staff have attended short training courses such as ELKLAN and Speech & Lanaguage support and Intensive interaction training.

What is your policy on compliments, complaints, concerns?

You can speak with your childs keyworker or one of our managers who ever you feel comfortable with, will be happy to discuss concerns or complaints and put a plan in place to overcome the issues. We welcome your feedback as we pride ourselves on continuously improving our service to you and your children. Compliments are welcomed in any form, we love to hear that you are happy and collect all our compliments together for evidence of our great service for other parents and ofsted.
Updated: 06/11/2019