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Beach Wheelchair Hire
Accessible to all.

Contact phone

03000 111 003


Fleetwood resident Michael Gray lives close to the Promenade. He saw people unable to access the beach and wanted to do something about the issue.

Mick is an active member of the Town's vibrant Rotary group and they supported and encouraged his idea from the start. He approached Healthier Fleetwood for advice on how to proceed and a steering group including local residents and representatives of Fleetwood Council and Wyre Council was formed to take the idea forward.

Our story so far......

We have 4 chairs at present. The Sandcruiser (the blue chair) and we have 2 of these, the smaller Sandpiper (yellow) and the Hippocampe (the three wheelers) so we can offer a range to suit ages and most levels of mobility.

We also have a MoLift 205 hoist that can transfer between chairs. You need to bring your own sling (to fit a 4 point sling bar) and it's the individual's carer who must take responsibility for the transfer.

​In all cases, the chair user must be accompanied as all the chairs require a second person.

You can book a chair in advance by telephoning 03000 111 003.

Let us know what day and time (between 10am and 4pm) and leave your contact details. We will call back to take some more information and confirm availability. Chairs can be booked any day of the week.

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Updated: 17/05/2023