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Driving when you have  a disability

Many people with a disability drive.  There are various modifications that can be designed to help make your driving or travelling experience as comfortable as possible, depending on your needs.

If you are looking to start learning to drive, the disability driving instructors website has an online register of specialist driving instructors for people with physical disabilities, special educational needs and those with hearing difficulties. The website also has advice on how to start to learn to drive, how to return to driving after an accident or illness and how to keep driving safely.who need advice about driving.  

We provide:

  • The ‘one stop shop’ for information and advice about learning to drive.

  • Find out how you could explore whether you would be able to drive before applying for your first provisional licence; you could take a ‘Potential to learn to drive assessment’ at your local Driving Mobility assessment centre in preparation for applying for your licence. 
  • Find out about the medical standards for fitness to drive including the eyesight standards and find out whether DVLA need to be notified of your medical condition when you apply for your driving licence.
  • If you get the high-rate mobility component of either Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment you can apply for your provisional driving licence a year early and start lessons at age 16, otherwise you will have wait till you are 17 like everyone else! You can apply for your licence 3 months before your birthday.    
  • If you have a physical disability and you are not sure whether you will need adaptations, you can find out how to explore the different controls that may be available to help you drive.
  • If you have a reading or learning difficulty is this going to be a problem? Find out what additional assistance is available to help you study for the theory test. What special needs provisions are available for taking the theory and are accommodations available when you take the practical test?
  • How do you go about learning to drive if you have a hearing difficulty or are completely deaf? What sort of additional help is available? Are there any specially trained Deaf Aware instructors out there? Are any of them BSL signers?
  • So many questions! Where do you go to get advice about learning to drive? Log on to our website at https://www.disabilitydrivinginstructors.com/driving-advice/first-time-drivers/ and you will be able to find the answer to these questions. 

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Updated: 11/10/2023